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Oakland, California

Are you a parent or caregiver of a child with special needs?

Are you unsatisfied with the outcomes of the treatments your child currently receives?

Are you looking for a highly-effective, non-medical approach to autism? cerebral palsy? developmental delays?
We can help transform your child's limitations
into new possibilities.

Through NeuroMovement® lessons, education and support, we provide a holistic approach to solving challenges faced by the families and caregivers of exceptional children.

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COPEC is staffed by experienced
ABM® NeuroMovement® practitioners who provide private NeuroMovement® lessons, workshops, and a safe place to connect and share your experience with other families.

COPEC is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charity


We see your child as a whole person, not as a diagnosis.


Instead of trying to fix a condition and repeating actions the child can't do, we focus on what they can do.


Engaging a child this way opens up possibilities for the brain to make powerful connections as a foundation for learning and growth.

NeuroMovement® helps children with cerebral palsy, autism,
       developmental delays, recovery
from stroke or other brain  
  injury, genetic disorders, or learning difficulties.

What We Do

Weekend Intensives

One weekend each month we offer series of lessons for children. Having multiple lessons in this short period of time allows their young nervous systems to absorb and integrate the critical information provided through the 4-6 NeuroMovement® lessons they receive during the weekend.

This is a highly effective approach and often results in dramatic improvement.


We offer workshops for parents, caregivers, and teachers and we are available for presentations and workshops at schools. We attend IEP meetings and consult with your child's education team. 

Current Schedule

Weekend intensives for 2022:

March   5-6

April   2-3

April 30 -  May 1

June   4-5

July  9-10

September  10-11

October  8-9

November  4-5

December  3-4

In between the Lesson Weekends you can schedule additional lessons for your child with our affiliated practitioners. 

Schedule with:

Business Meeting at a Cafe

have questions?
join us.

A virtual place for parents to meet, share their stories, find resources, ask questions and discover more about movement-based learning.

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NeuroMovement® is a gentle, non-medical approach to improving movement and overall functioning based on the understanding that movement is the language of the brain. It is movement that provides the information required by the brain to grow and improve, to generate deliberate movement, as well as thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mother and Baby on Floor

What does it mean for a child with special needs?


A newborn baby generates many random movements as they explore their world. Watch a typical baby -- they reach, twitch and kick almost constantly. They're experimenting to learn what happens when they make a move.Their brain gets critical sensory information from their experiments and learns to form patterns. Patterns later become skills.


A child with special needs often can't generate the wide variety of movements needed grow and develop higher functions such as sitting, standing, walking, or talking. Even the nuanced expression of feelings and complex thought processes requires this kind of skill development.


With gentle, guided movements we provide the child with sensory information they weren't able to generate for themselves. We meet them where they are, and stay connected with them as we invite
them to explore new options. As they experience this process, new movement patterns are created and boost the child's development

                               -- physically, emotionally and cognitively.

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NeuroMovement®  works because of the brain's ability to change, regardless of how old we are or the developmental challenges we face. This is called brain plasticity.

Brain plasticity
the team

Meet the Team

All Practitioners are certified in ABM NeuroMovement® and have also completed

Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs


Gabrielle Allen





Rosalie Lamb



Leslie McClintock



Biaja Solomon



Simone Peters




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Gabriella Piccioni



Mauricio Herrador


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Peggy Chipkin




​Our mission is to transform the lives of exceptional children,
their families, teachers and caretakers through NeuroMovement® lessons, education and support. 

 COPEC is staffed by a group of experienced NeuroMovement® practitioners who provide transformational movement lessons, workshops, and a safe place to connect and share your experience with other families.
COPEC is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charity
Tax ID: 83-3321408
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Donations of any amount are important.
Your generosity will sponsor NeuroMovement® lessons for children as well as workshops for parents and special education staff at schools.

COPEC is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c) 3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable.

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