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Anat Baniel method practitioner Gabrielle Allen gives NeuroMovement lesson to a child with special needs in Oakland

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to transform the lives of exceptional children, their families, teachers and caretakers through NeuroMovement® lessons, education and support.

Happy children run and jump making leaps and big steps represent overcoming of limits and opening up possibilities
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Mother holds her child with special needs after attending sponsored NeuroMovement lessons family event in Oakland CA

We’ve created CoPEC cafe - a safe space where families can meet virtually or in-person, share their stories and support each other, listen to guest speakers and ask questions. Find out about the next upcoming meet-up.

All our practitioners are certified in ABM NeuroMovement and have completed Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs.

We are a public charity that relies entirely on donations that we receive. Help us transform lives of families with children affected by cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delays, recovery from stroke or other brain injury, genetic disorders, or learning difficulties. Your can sponsor NeuroMovement® lessons for children, as well as workshops for parents and special education staff at public schools.

Smiling girl with Down Syndrome Your donation is greatly appreciated to support charity
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