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​Our mission is to transform the lives of exceptional children, their families, teachers and caretakers through NeuroMovement® lessons, education and support. We provide a range of services. Please read about each option and reach out if you would like to access any of these. An integrated approach of lessons combined with parent/caregiver coaching maximises the benefit of the learning process through NeuroMovement®.
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 NeuroMovement® Lessons

We provide the child with a somatic experience that highlights specific functional connections and brings their attention to feeling themselves in new and different ways.  This process prompts the brain to build new neuropathways quickly and accelerates their ability to learn - to roll, crawl, stand up, walk, run, and connect with other people.

We use the Nine Essentials to activate and enhance their innate ability to learn and change. Through slow and skilled  touch, we highlight important connections throughout the child’s body, creating opportunities for the child to feel themselves in new ways. This prompts the brain to develop new neural connections, increasing the possibilities for more refined organization and control of movement, thinking and feeling.


In this way we engage in an open-ended conversation with the child’s nervous system and set into motion a process of potent learning and empowerment.

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Parent Coaching

When you're with your child, potent learning opportunities pop up all
the time. Recognizing these moments is the first step you can take towards boosting your child's learning and development.


We'll help you learn how to take advantage of these moments.  Refining your own ability to guide your child helps to bridge the gap created by the lack of  therapies available during the pandemic.

Parent coaching sessions are carried out through Zoom, so wherever you are in the world you can access these sessions with one of our experienced NeuroMovement® practitioners. These sessions greatly enhance the learning your child does during the lessons with your practitioner and provides you with essential set of skills to help you connect to your child and create an optimal learning environment for them.

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Community Lesson Weekends

Once a month we host a community lesson weekend, where children receive 4-6 lessons. Such high intensity lesson periods further accelerate the child's ability to learn new skills.

Upcoming dates for Weekend Intensives: 

June 8-9

July 13-14

August 10-11

September 7-8

October TBD

November 2-3

December 7-8

Sign up to the upcoming Community Lesson Weekend

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We offer group workshops for parents, caregivers, and teachers and we are available for presentations and workshops at schools.

Contact us to arrange a workshop for a group of parents or for your team of professionals.

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CoPEC Cafe

CoPEC Café started during the pandemic as a safe virtual space where families can meet, share their stories and support each other. Recently we have been exploring an option to also meet up in-person for a family picnic and play in a park. We often invite a guest speaker and have Q&A sessions to address areas that are relevant to families. We welcome your requests and suggestions.

Our next meet-up is on Saturday, January 21 9-11 AM 

Free live online Workshop "From Powerlessness to Agency: The Parent-Child Relationship as the Context for Learning" by Andrea Hennen, Matty Wilkinson and Eytan Lerner from The Moving Center.

Find out more and register

IEP Meetings

We attend IEP meetings and consult with your child's education team. We have found that our contributions towards the discussions that take place during these meetings help everyone involved in your child's learning journey understand and integrate the principles of NeuroMovement® in their relationship with your child and you. 

Tell us about your child's education team and find out how we can help. 

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School Staff Coaching

We provide 1-1 in-person and online coaching with our experienced practitioners to learning assistants, teachers and specialised staff.


Invite us to your school. 

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