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  • Autism

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Stroke or other brain injury

  • Developmental Delays

ABM NeuroMovement® can help with various challenges caused by:

Through gentle guided touch, we provide a child's nervous system with missing information that hinders their ability to learn -- to roll, crawl, walk, run or connect with other people.


NeuroMovement® is based on the Nine Essentials, the key principles that enhance brain plasticity. Its plasticity, or changeability, enables the brain to constantly adapt in response to internal and external events.

We use the Nine Essentials to activate and enhance their innate ability to learn and change. Through slow and skilled  touch, we highlight important connections throughout the child’s body, creating opportunities for the child to feel themselves in new ways. This prompts the brain to develop new neural connections, increasing the possibilities for more refined organization and control of movement, thinking and feeling.

In this way we engage in an open-ended conversation with the child’s nervous system and set into motion a process of potent learning and empowerment.

NeuroMovement® was developed by Anat Baniel, clinical psychologist and educator, who developed the method based on her work with thousands of clients and her training with Moshe Feldenkrais.

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