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Gabrielle Allen, Director

Gabrielle discovered her passion for working with children through her experience with her own son, who had sensory integration issues and dyslexia, and the children she witnessed during her volunteer hours at the pre- and elementary schools. She saw how they suffered because their unrecognized deficiencies prevented them from keeping up socially and academically.


Gabrielle was initially trained in physiotherapy in Germany. She worked for ten years in hospitals and private practice, predominantly with people with muscular-skeletal problems, post-orthopedic surgery and repetitive stress injuries, and with people with neurological disorders. Gabrielle has been a certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner® since 1996 and certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner for children since 2012.


She has maintained a private practice in Oakland/ California since 2006. Since 2012 she has been predominantly working with children with special needs. 


In 2016 she founded the Community Program for Exceptional Children with the intention to make NeuroMovement® lessons accessible to families with diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Today, Gabrielle attends IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meetings of the children she works with and educates teachers and therapists about the Nine Essentials of Neuroplasticity and consults with them how to integrate these principals with daily activities in the classroom.


Simone Peters, Co-Director

​​​Simone Peters is a certified ABM NeuroMovement® practitioner. She has also completed the ABM Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs. She has a background in special education and worked with special needs children in various settings in Switzerland before she came to the United States. Eventually she found the ABM NeuroMovement® method that brought her back to working with children.  


Simone is passionate about improving the lives of exceptional children and their families. She is committed to serving at COPEC and has a private practice in San Francisco.



Rosalie Lamb

Rosalie loves engaging with children and their families and seeing them benefit from NeuroMovement®. Rosalie's background and continuing passion is in movement. As a dancer with 38 years of experience in movement and hands-on approaches, including cranial sacral and deep tissue balancing, Rosalie first studied with Anat Baniel in a workshop in 2007.  In 2010 she completed the ABM NeuroMovement Training, and soon after, the ABM Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs, Vitality and Anti-Aging, and High Performers.


Rosalie started working with children 13 years ago - her first little clients were twins born at 27 1/2 weeks term. Rosalie works with children, their families, and adults, through individual lessons, group classes, and Parent Coaching, in each case, incorporating the Nine Essentials® of ABM NeuroMovement to support the growth of a healthier, stronger brain for the child or adult, and contribute to a more knowledgeable, connected and playful family.


During the Pandemic Rosalie completed the At Home On-line Coaching course which elevated ABM Practitioner’s ability to communicate about the Nine Essentials. Parents who receive coaching connect with their children in unique ways that support their children’s learning.


Biaja Solomon

​Fran Biaja Solomon is a certified NeuroMovement® practitioner and she has also completed the ABM Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs. She is also an RN with a Masters Degree in early childhood education. She has a private practice in Berkeley, CA and is a social justice advocate.


She graduated from the Wright Institute with a Masters in Counseling Psychology

in Fall, 2018.


Leslie McClintock

Leslie McClintock has been working with adults and children as a certified Anat Baniel Method/NeuroMovement® Practitioner since 2013 in Santa Rosa and Tahoe City, CA. She has also completed the ABM Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs


She finds joy in being of service and is happy to be part of the COPEC team offering lessons to a diverse group of children.

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Gabriella Piccioni

Gabriella first started taking Feldenkrais lessons in 2000 and her fascination with somatic learning led her to pursue professional training at the Anat Baniel Center in San Rafael. Gabriella graduated in 2011 as a certified ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner

and has also completed the ABM Mastery Training for Children with Special Needs.

She has since been working with children and adults in Marin County. 


Witnessing the life-changing outcomes possible with ABM Neuromovement® for both children and adults have made her deeply committed to this work and she regularly pursues advanced training to deepen and refine her skills. She is passionate about working with children and adults to help them learn how to move better, to experience greater awareness of themselves, and to live with more ease and vitality.

In order to better understand the role of emotions in the health of a child, she completed training in the RULER method at Yale University. RULER is a highly effective social and emotional learning prorgram that has been implemented at schools around the world.


Gabriella graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Economics and has worked in marketing in the technolgy industry for companies such as Apple and Intuit. Gabriella lives in Marin with her husband and two children.

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