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Kids Beyond Limits

In this supportive book, Anat Baniel guides parents through the nine essentials of the method, each one designed to harness the brain's capacity to heal itself -- with remarkable and sometimes immediate results.


Self Determination Program

Watch Christine Kantor, mother of a different needs teenager and certified Person-Centered Planner & Independent Facilitator present on the Self-Determination Program (SDP). SDP is a new program offered through the California Regional Centers. In SDP clients may be able to access services they were previously unable to through their Regional Center.


Dr. Paul Jordan

Dr. Jordan has over 40 years of experience in surgery and orthotic designs. He designed a functional ankle-foot orthosis (AFO's) that offers support while allowing some ankle and foot movement for a more optimal gait.


Dr. Jordan offers video conferences with parents and their child to make an assessment, answer questions and make recommendations. We highly recommend seeking his advice before pursuing any surgery.



SPML, Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening, is a minimally invasive surgery for cerebral palsy. Developed by Dr. Roy Nuzzo, the surgery is now performed in several places within the United States. More information and research on SPML can be found on the site below. 


Dr. Roy Nuzzo

Dr. Nuzzo, an orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey, developed Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening (SPML) Surgery along with other progressive and carefully thought through surgical and nonsurgical interventions. We recommend you visit this site before deciding on any type of corrective surgery for your child.
Dr. Nuzzo does not accept insurance.


Dr. David Yngve

Dr. David Yngve in Galveston, TX  learned the SPML procedure, otherwise known as percutaneous surgery, or PERCS from Dr. Nuzzo.


Dr. Yngve accepts insurance.


More Information about NeuroMovement®

For more details about NeuroMovement® for children with special needs, visit the Anat Baniel Method® website.

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