Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening (SPML)

Developed by Dr Nuzzo, SPML is a minimally invasive surgery for cerebral palsy.

The surgery is now performed in several places within the United States. More information and research on SPML can be found on the site below.

Dr Nuzzo is an orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey. As well as SPML Surgery, Dr Nuzzo developed other progressive and carefully thought through surgical and nonsurgical interventions. We recommend you visit this site before deciding on any type of corrective surgery for your child. Dr. Nuzzo does not accept insurance.

Dr David Yngve in Galveston, TX learned the SPML procedure (also known as percutaneous surgery, or PERCS) from Dr Nuzzo. Dr. Yngve accepts insurance.

Learn more about SPML

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